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Camilo Pentzke is a Puerto Rican composer currently based in New York City. He holds a  Masters Degree in Scoring for Film and Visual Media from Pulse College, Dublin. Pentzke has won the iINAS Award for Best Composition (2014) and the Cine Campus Award for Best Score (2016) for his works. He has recorded film cues in the world famous Windmill Lane Recording Studios.


Camilo Pentzke Lemus was born March 27, 1992 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico to Nicaraguan parents Carlos Pentzke & Ligia Lemus. Inspired by his father’s piano & guitar playing, Camilo began his affair with music at an early age. Though he took formal music lessons as a boy, Camilo preferred to learn by ear, teaching himself piano, guitar and bass. At age 14 he began experimenting with music software and producing his first beats.

In 2010 he began his studies at University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras. Camilo joined the University’s Jazz Ensemble in 2013 as a keyboardist, where he had the opportunity to work under the mentoring of Samuel Morales, one of Puerto Rico’s recognized jazz bassists. Pentzke regularly arranged big-band works for the Ensemble. In that same year, he worked as a producer for a rising female singer, acting as composer, arranger, performer, and recording/mixing engineer in the project. Also in 2013, Camilo collaborated with a student group project in composing the opening piece for University of Puerto Rico’s Music Day, the University’s most important concert of the year. The work united musicians from all musical backgrounds; orchestral, band, jazz, all the way to Puerto Rican folk instruments. In 2013, Pentzke scored his first short film, and would score many others in the next years.

In 2014 Pentzke received the iINAS award for Best Musical Composition in a nation-wide student competition. In 2015, Pentzke provided nearly one hour of original music for the avant-garde theater work Pluma y la tempestad. Played live with an ensemble of 6 musicians (Pentzke at the keyboards), the work was critically-acclaimed, with the music in particular being held in high regard. Pentzke received the Cine Campus Award for Best Score in 2016 for his work in the short film Andro No Sapiens.

In 2016 Pentzke got accepted to the prestigious Pulse College, Dublin for a Masters Degree in Scoring for Film and Visual Media. During his time in Dublin, Pentzke recorded orchestral, chamber and solo film cues in the world famous Windmill Lane Recording Studios. The experience culminated with a recording in Bulgaria with a 110-piece orchestra. After finishing the program, Pentzke relocated to New York City, where he is currently based.

In his spare time, Pentzke enjoys hiking in nature, reading sci-fi novels, gaming and writing about himself in the third person, preferably all four at the same time.